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HgCdTe two-stage thermoelectrically cooled photoconductive infrared detectorsPC-2TE-5-1×1-TO8/TO66-wAl2O3-70

PC-2TE-5-1×1-TO8-wZnSeAR-70 and PC-2TE-5-1×1-TO66-wZnSeAR-70 are two-stage thermoelectrically cooled (2TE) photoconductive IR detectors based on HgCdTe heterostructures for optimal performance and stability. Their specific wavelength (λspec) is 5.0 µm and their active area (A) is 1 mm × 1 mm. The detectors should operate in optimum bias voltage (Vb) and current readout mode. Performance at low frequencies is reduced due to 1/f noise. The detectors are available in TO8 and TO66 packages with a 3 deg. wedged sapphire window (wAl2O3) to prevent unwanted interference effects.


Spectral range: 2.0 to 5.6 µm

Large active area

Front-side illuminated

Two-stage thermoelectrically cooled

No minimum order quantity required


Contactless temperature measurement: railway transport, industrial and laboratory processes monitoring

Flame and explosion detection

Threat warning systems

Heat-seeking, thermal signature detection


Gas detection, monitoring and analysis: CH4, C2H2, CH2O, HCl, NH3, SO2, C2H6, CO, CO2, NOx

Breath analysis: C2H6, CH2O, NH3, NO, OCS

Gas leak detection

Combustion process control

Non-destructive material testing

Detector configuration

Detector symbol
Detector type
Active element material epitaxial HgCdTe heterostructure
Cooling 2TE (Tchip ≅ 230 K)
Temperature sensor thermistor
Active area, A 1 mm × 1 mm
Optical immersion no
Package 2TE-TO8 2TE-TO66
Acceptance angle, Φ ~70 deg.
Window wAl2O3 (3 deg. wedged sapphire)


(Tamb = 293 K, Tchip = 230 K, Vb = 1.0 V)

Parameter Value
Min. Typ. Max.
Peak wavelength, λpeak 4.5±0.3 μm
Specific wavelength, λspec 5.0 μm
Cut-off wavelength, λcut-off (10%) 5.5 μm
Detectivity, D* (λpeak, 20 kHz) 2.0×1010 cm⋅Hz1/2/W
Detectivity, D* (λspec, 20 kHz) 1.0×1010 2.0×1010 cm⋅Hz1/2/W
Current responsivity, Ripeak) 4.0 A/W
Current responsivity, Rispec) 0.5 3.0 A/W
Time constant, τ 20 ns
Resistance, R 750 Ω
Bias voltage, Vb 1.0 V
1/f corner frequency, fc 20 kHz

Spectral response

(Typ., Tamb = 293 K, Tchip = 230 K)


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