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Our products

We develop and manufacture the highest quality parts, modules, and entire systems that are used in a variety of industries where the need for reliable photonic technology is essential.


We manufacture exceptionally high quality III-V epitaxial structures for use in sophisticated electronics such as lasers, photodetectors, transistors, photovoltaic cells and other devices. As one of the few companies on the market, we offer a broad range of high quality epi-wafers, which can be produced both in large volumes as well as in small test batches.

Infrared Detectors

Detectors based on HgCdTe material that offer the highest performance out of all discovered materials suitable for Infrared detection. Our detectors are optimized for MWIR (3-8μm) and LWIR (8-16μm) spectral ranges. It is perfect for creating gas sensors for industry and environmental protection. They are an ideal solution for CRDS, TDLAS or FTIR spectroscopy. Very high parameters of detection…

Infrared Detection Modules

Our modules (infrared detectors integrated with electronics) are characterized by high sensitivity in a wide spectral range from 1 to 16 μm, high speed in frequency bands up to 1 GHz, optimized amplification of the measured signal and operating temperatures in the range from 200 to 300 K. Our offer there are ready-made modules for applications such as gas analysis, temperature control.

Product Development

We have extensive research and development facilities and we constantly strive to develop new, unique technologies and products. We are constantly expanding the portfolio of our infrared detectors and modules. We also offer the possibility of testing devices that are in the prototype stage. Find out more about the products our engineers and scientists are currently working on.