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InAs room temperature photovoltaic infrared detectorPVA-3-d1.2-SMD-pAl2O3-115

PVA-3-d1.2-SMD-pAl2O3-115 is a room-temperature IR photovoltaic detector based on InAs heterostructure. It enables the detection of radiation in the range from 1.3 μm to 3.6 μm. The detector has a surface-mount design allowing for easy integration into electronic systems and making it more practical for many applications. The planar sapphire window protects against mechanical damage and environmental influences. This detector is mercury and cadmium-free and is fully compliant with the RoHS Directive.


Spectral range: 1.3 to 3.6 µm

III-V material

No minimum order quantity required


Gas detection (CO, HF, NH3, C2H2, CH4, C2H6, HCl)

Detector configuration

Detector type photovoltaic
Active element material epitaxial InAs heterostructure
Active area diameter, dA 1.2 mm
Immersion no
Cooling no
Package SMD
Acceptance angle, Φ ≥115 deg.
Window pAl2O3 (planar sapphire)


(Tchip = 293 K, Vb = 0 V, unless otherwise noted)

Parameter Typical value
Active element temperature, Tchip = Tamb 293 K
Cut-on wavelength, λcut-on (10%) 1.3 μm
Peak wavelength, λpeak 2.9 μm
Cut-off wavelength, λcut-off (10%) 3.6 μm
Detectivity, D* (λpeak, f = 20 kHz) 5.0×109 cm·Hz1/2/W
Current responsivity, Ripeak) 0.6 A/W
Time constant, τ 35 ns
Resistance, R 85 Ω

Spectral response

(Typ., Tchip = 293 K)

Mechanical layout

(Unit: mm)


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