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Affordable Detection Module

VIGO Photonics offers the smallest on the market, environmentally friendly MWIR detection modules with the overall chip dimensions of 10 x 10 x 3 mm. Affordable detection modules are based on InAsSb semiconductor material which means no more mercury or cadmium, resulting in a RoHS compliant device.

AM03120-01, Affordable MWIR InAsSb detection module, is an ”all-in-one” uncooled IR detection module in a compact TO8 package. Photovoltaic mutiple junction InAsSb detector element is directly integrated with a low-noise preamplifier. Amplified analog output may be connected directly to the measurement equipment. Through-hole mounting is possible.

The detection module is supplied with an anti-reflection coated window preventing unwanted interference effects. The final product can be offered as an OEM component (only PCB with detector element), mounted on a TO8 sumbount or mounted and sealed in a TO8 package with a window.

Table 1. Specification (Ta = 20°C, RL = 1 MΩ, F0 = 500 KHZ)*

Parameter Min Typ Max
Cut-on wavelength λcut-on (10%), µm 2.3
Peak wavelength λpeak, µm 4.4 4.6 4.7
Cut-off wavelength λcut-off (10%), µm 5.9
Detectivity D*(λpeak), cm·Hz1/2/W 3.4×108 5.5×108
Output noise voltage density vn, nV/Hz1/2 100 130
Noise equivalent power NEP(λpeak), nW/Hz1/2 0.18 0.30
Voltage responsivity Rvpeak), V/W 559
Low cut-off frequency flo, Hz DC
High cut-off frequency fhi, Hz 2M
Transimpedance Ki, V/A 4.65k 4.70k 4.75k
Output impedance Rout, Ω 49.5 50.0 50.5
Output voltage Vout, V 0

2.50 (RL = 1 MΩ)
1.25 (RL = 50 Ω)
Output voltage offset Voff, mV -10 +10
Power supply voltage Vsup, V ±3
Power supply current Isup, mA 20
Power consumption, mW 120
Active element material epitaxial InAsSb heterostructure
Active area A, mm×mm 1×1
Package TO8
Acceptance angle Φ ~48°
Window wZnSeAR

Key features of the product

Technological possibilities of VIGO Photonics allow for the production of InAsSb (indium arsenide antimonide) detectors, using modern methods of MBE (Molecular Beam Epitaxy) epitaxy. Affordable detection modules are designed for applications where higher resistance to harsh operating conditions must be ensured.

InAsSb modules are compliant with the RoHS directive, which means our products ensure the consumer market safety! The affordable price is a strong advantage along with the highest quality materials.

The modules are easy to use thanks to:


– signal already amplified, voltage output,

– availability on a standard submount (TO8),

– availability for a direct mounting onto user’s PCB (OEM version),

– small size.


Affordable MWIR InAsSb detection module (AM03120-01) is available for purchase in three options. AM03120 is a detector in the TO8 package. AM03110 is a detector on a steel base. It is also possible to order a miniaturized chip, size 10 x 10 x 3 mm, with an amplifier on the PCB – AM03100. Below are the options described:


Affordable detection module is used in various applications. Due to its high speed response, it is suitable for applications when MWIR fast pulse laser carries information, for example MWIR spectroscopy. Affordable module is designed for space limited and low power applications. It saves space due to a built-in trans-impedance preamplifier which is not necessary in customer’s application. Its added benefit is a low power consumption which suits, i.e., battery operation devices. Remaining applications are the following: laser metrology, monitoring of industrial and laboratory processes, laser power monitoring and control. The device is being developed in terms of creating new features: digital output, thermoelectric cooling etc.


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