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InAs/InAsSb SL Technology

– Highest sensitivity across full Mid to Long Wave Infrared
– Room temperature and TE cooled
– Available optical immersion for higher D*
– No minimum order quantity
– RoHs compliant

VIGO Photonics’ detectors are (once again) sent into space

Our infrared detectors were sent into space in support of NASA’s Artemis’ program

Small and affordable solutions for gas sensing

MWIR InAsSb Detection Module
– temperature stabilized
– integrated amplifier and temperature controller
– evaluation kits available.

VIGO Photonics’ detectors now listed on DigiKey

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VIGO Photonics

VIGO Photonics S.A. is a world-leading manufacturer of uncooled infrared photon detectors. In the 1980’s, a team led by Professor Józef Piotrowski, Ph.D., developed at the Military University of Technology in Warsaw, Poland a special technique for manufacturing detectors operating without cryocooling, which was subsequently implemented at the Company.

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