FastFIP series

Transimpedance preamplifier

FIP is a series of high speed, transimpedance, AC coupled preamplifiers, intended to operate with biased TE cooled VIGO detectors. Fast preamplifier enables precise I-V conversion, detector biasing up to 800 mV and simultaneously maintains compact size and keeps current noise low. FIP is equipped with a fan and does not require additional heat dissipation. It is suitable for applications requiring wide frequency bandwidth. Additional DC output is available as an option.

Types of VIGO detectors that can be integrated with FIP preamplifier

Photovoltaic biased: PV-2TE, PV-3TE, PV-4TE

Photovoltaic biased, optically immersed: PVI-2TE, PVI-3TE, PVI-4TE

Specification (Ta = 20°C)

Typical value
 Conditions, remarks
Low cut-off frequency flo, Hz 1k, 10k  
High cut-off frequency fhi, Hz
Transimpedance Ki, V/A
up to 8.5k fixed
Output impedance Rout, Ω
Output voltage swing Vout, V ±1 RL = 50 Ω*)
Power supply voltage Vsup, V
+12 / -5
Power supply current Isup, mA +100


Ambient operating temperature Ta, °C
10 to 30  
Signal output socket
SMA RF output
DC output socket
SMA DC monitor (option)
Power supply and TEC control socket
LEMO (female) ECG.0B.309.CLN
Mounting hole
*)  RL – load resistance

Mechanical layout, mm


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