VIGO Photonics has won the competition: “100 best projects to increase the level of digitization in the company”, organized by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PAED). The competition was carried out under the Intelligent Development Operational Program.

VIGO Photonics has successfully implemented the next stage of the project: Digital System for Control and Supervision of Production and Measurements. The aim of the project is to obtain a complete process supervised by consistent IT tools which will enable the optimization of the company’s resources and production processes.

Infrared detectors, manufactured by VIGO Photonics, are used in advanced applications. Due to the high technological level of the products, there are no ready-made IT tools available on the market for monitoring and supervising the measurement and production data of this type of sensors.

By implementing this project,VIGO Photonics gains previously unavailable possibilities of analyzing the production process, unique business analyses and a chance to supervise the production process in real time, which is based on production and process indicators. The implementation of the system includes a number of applications dedicated to individual production stations, as well as applications for managing measurement processes and analyzing their results. Measurement applications allow for automatic configuration of the station, including setting the target working conditions of the detector. They also perform automatic reading of most of the measured values, including amplitudes and average values ​​of current and voltage, temperature, resistance or noise parameters. The list of automatically supported hardware includes: oscilloscopes, resistance meters, thermoelectric cooler amplifiers and controllers. The combination of the supervision system with measurement applications allows the introduction and qualification of the measured parameters.