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Characterization of MIR photodetectors in nonlinear VNA system

On 27 of April took place online symposium, which was organized by SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing Digital Forum.

VIGO Photonics was one of the organizations that had the pleasure to presented topic: Pulse response characterization of the mid-infrared photodetectors in nonlinear vector network analyzer system. The presentation was given by our employee – Mateusz Żbik.

We describe a new system for broadband characterization of mid-infrared (MIR) photodetectors, manufactured by the VIGO Photonics and encapsulated in TO-8 can. The system comprises a high repetition rate pulsed quantum cascade laser source, stimulating a detector in a special test fixture that is connected to ports of a vector network analyzer (VNA) with a pair of cables. The system operates in a mode of nonlinear VNA, i.e. it is capable of measuring magnitude and phase spectra of harmonic signals up to 5 GHz of bandwidth. This approach enables recovering sub-nanosecond differential pulses of amplitudes below 1 mV and speed up performance evaluation of MIR detectors tested.

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