The lander, which was sent on March 14 into space by the European Space Agency ESA and the Russian Space Agency Roskosmos has a few days to accomplish the mission ExoMars.

On October 16 the lander will separate from the mothership – satellite Trace Gas Orbiter, and in three days it will travel the distance about 6 millions kilometers, to at 14:42 GMT, with a speed of 21 000 km/h cross the Martian atmosphere. The journey will end by landing in less than 6 minutes, using a heat shield, parachute and slowing down engines. Schiaparelli, it is a so-called descent and landing demonstrator – his main task will be testing the solutions which find their application in the mission ExoMars Rover 2020. Except that, the lander will explore the meteorological conditions and after the landing it will collect data from the planet’s surface through the exterior monitoring layers with mounted infrared detectors produced by VIGO Photonics S.A.