VIGO Photonics in cooperation with Military University of Technology has opened a new MBE Laboratory located in VIGO Photonics premises.

Both partners will have the opportunity to carry on their work. MUT will conduct its basic research and educational mission, whereas VIGO will implement and commercialize obtained results.

The opening ceremony took place on 27 April 2015 and was attended by such noble guests as Professor, Brigadier General Zygmunt Mierczyk – Commandant-Rector of Military University of Technology, Professor Jan Szmidt – Rector of Warsaw University of Technology, Professor Anna Piotrowska – Director of Institute of Electron Technology, Leszek Grabarczyk – Deputy Director of the National Centre for Research and Development, Dr Mirosław Grudzień and Dr Andrzej Maciak – former VIGO management board who made a major contribution to the success.

Detectors manufactured using the MBE technology supplement the range of MCT detectors currently offered by VIGO Photonics for those applications where, among others, higher resistance to difficult operating conditions and a high uniformity of parameters in multi-element detectors need to be ensured.