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Analysis of temperature distribution in fast moving objects

The unbeatable speed and sensitivity of VIGO Photonics detectors make them useful in applications where the response time is a matter of safety of hundreds of people, and possible failures and delays may result in losing enormous amounts of money. One of the main applications of PV photodiodes, which are the hearts of detection modules, is measuring the temperature of train sets. There are various types of heat sensors available on the market, but the unique VIGO Photonics products excel the other devices based on pyroelectric bodies, bolometers and thermocouples in terms of response time, limit of detection, and resistance to external conditions.

Detectors incorporated in devices installed between the rails enable contactless, real-time measurement of the temperature of wheels, brakes, shock absorbers and chassis of train sets. Information on possible overheating is immediately sent to competent units. The detectors are used also for scanning all the rolling stock before a train enters a tunnel. Thanks to the undisputable advantages of VIGO Photonics products, they have been chosen for protecting train passengers all over Europe.


Engine emissions’ monitoring and control

Increasingly strict standards concerning the presence of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides and dusts in car exhaust gases force the vehicle manufacturers to use precise and reliable gas analyzers. That creates demand for spectroscopes that guarantee top accuracy. To respond to the demand from the market, VIGO Photonics offers HgCdTe detectors which are perfect for spectrum analysis and show sensitivity within a broad wavelength range from 2 to 16 µm.

They enable detection of all fuel combustion products, as the absorption lines of the substances searched for fall within the range of the wavelengths detected by the devices. That is how concentrations of CO2, CO, NOX and hydrocarbons can be monitored. Thanks to the excellent sensitivity, resolutions at the level of a single ppm or even ppt can be obtained, which means ultra-accurate estimation of trace amount of a substance. It is worth stressing that the detection limits of VIGO devices are at the top world levels, and reach the fundamental BLIP limits.


Fuel quality assessment

The gas analysis methods are used also for monitoring the composition and quality of liquids, including fuels and petroleum products. That is possible thanks to an absorption spectroscopy method, which is based on unique character of absorption spectra of the analyzed substances. As each chemical compound absorbs the interacting radiation in a different and unique way, the composition of a given sample can be identified based on a principle similar to that behind fingerprints analysis. Wave sources in measuring instruments are thermal objects characterized by a wide emission spectrum, or monochromatic QCLs with high beam coherence and power.

Depending on the application, the liquid to be analyzed is illuminated with radiation from one of the aforementioned sources. After it goes through the sample, the radiation illuminates an infrared detector, which thanks to advanced technological processed developed by VIGO is optimized for the wavelength, active surface area, cooling, immersion and dedicated electronics. All that enables simple and precise liquid analysis.


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