InAs room temperature, photovoltaic infrared detector



Spectral range: 2.3 to 3.5 µm

III-V material

No minimum order quantity required


Gas detection (CO, HF, NH3, C2H2, CH4, C2H6, HCl)

Detector configuration

Detector type photovoltaic
Active element material epitaxial InAs heterostructure
Active area, A 1 mm × 1 mm
Immersion no
Cooling no
Package TO39
Acceptance angle, Φ ~90 deg.
Window no


(Tchip = 293 K, Vb = 0 V, unless otherwise noted)

Parameter Typical value
Active element temperature, Tchip = Tamb 293 K
Cut-on wavelength, λcut-on (10%) 2.3 μm
Peak wavelength, λpeak 3.1 μm
Cut-on wavelength, λcut-off (10%) 3.5 μm
Detectivity, D* (λpeak, f = 20 kHz) 7.0×109 cm·Hz1/2/W
Current responsivity, Ripeak) 0.9 A/W
Time constant, τ 35 ns
Resistance, R 90 Ω

Spectral response

(Typ., Tchip = 293 K)

Mechanical layout and pinout

(Unit: mm)


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