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Fast, transimpedance amplifierFIP series

FIP is a series of high speed, transimpedance, AC coupled amplifiers, intended to operate with biased TE-cooled IR detectors. They enable precise I-V conversion, detector biasing up to -800 mV and simultaneously maintains compact size and keep current noise low. FIP amplifiers are equipped with a fan and does not require any additional heat dissipation. They are suitable for applications requiring wide frequency bandwidth. Additional DC output is available as an option.


Compatible with VIGO TE-cooled, biased IR detectors in the TO8 package

Frequency bandwidth: up to 1 GHz

AC coupled (DC monitor as an option)

M4 mounting hole

Designed for effective heat dissipation

Integrated fan

External TEC controller required

Specification (Tamb = 293 K)

Conditions, remarks
Typical value
Low cut-off frequency, flo   1k, 10k Hz
High cut-off frequency, fhi
1G Hz
Transimpedance, Ki
Fixed up to 8.5 kV/A
Output impedance, Rout
50 Ω
Output voltage swing, Vout Rload = 50 Ω ±1 V
Output voltage offset, Voff
max. ±20
Power supply voltage, Vsup
±12/-5 V
Power supply current, Isup max. ±50 mA
TEC volatge, VTEC With 2TE cooled detectors

With 3TE cooled detectors

With 4TE cooled detectors

max. 1.0

max. 3.6

max. 8.3

TEC current, ITEC With 2TE cooled detectors

With 3TE cooled detectors

With 4TE cooled detectors

max. 1.2

max. 0.45


Fan power consumption, Pfan max. 900 mW
Weight 210 g

Mechanical layout (unit: mm)

Note 1. TO8 detector dimensions in the TO8 package technical drawings. Note 2. Only for FIP-xx-1G-D version.


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