640×512 (15 µm) MWIR FPAEagle

VIGO Photonics S.A. achieves the state of the art performance for the InAs/InAsSb superlattice-based cooled MWIR focal plane array 640×512 format. FPA’s are developed with VIGO Photonics S.A. 15 μm pixel technology from epitaxy substrate to final encapsulation of detector housing. The MWIR FPA is a reliable detection module designed for demanding applications. Special design provide easy mechanical and thermal integration with the target device. Planar window work with a precisely defined spectral range of MWIR sourced which has to be detected.


Spectral range: 3.7 to 4.8 µm

III-V material compliant with the RoHS Directive

Custom-made robust design

Readout integrated circuit (ROIC)

Easy mechanical and thermal integration with the target device

Integration with other types of coolers (Stirling, SWAP, Joule-Thomson) available

Assembly of various types of windows available


Integrated optoelectronic head

Thermal panoramic systems

Satellite IR observation systems

Missile warhead


Spectral range
3.7 – 4.8 μm
640 × 512 px
Pixel pitch 15 μm
NEDT ~18 mK
Operability >99.5 %
Operating temperature -40 to 71ºC
Cooldown time ~3 min
F number (F/#) f/2, f/4, f2.24*
* Available required F/# on request

Typical performances


  • ROIC architecture: Direct injection input circuit, selectable read mode

  • ROIC functionalities: Programmable integration time

  • Pixel output rate: Up to 10 MHz per output

  • Frame rate: Up to 120 Hz full frame rate


  • Power consumption (cooling stage): ~13.0 W

  • Stirling cooler: Ricor K508*

  • Power consumption (after stabilization): ~3.9 W

* Available to integrate with other Stirling coolers

Mechanical layout

(Unit: mm)


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