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MWIR InAsSb Detection ModuleAMS6140-01

Temperature stabilized, integrated amplifier and temperature controller

The AMS6140-01 is a cost-effective solution designed for high volume applications. Built-in amplifier and temperature controller provide constant responsivity over a wide range of ambient temperatures. Wide bandwidth and low 1/f noise corner provide efficient measurements with generally available sources of radiation, including MEMS heaters, and pulsed LEDs or lasers. With differential output, the AMS6140-01 offers easy connectivity over connectors with high immunity to electromagnetic interference. Small dimensions provide easy mechanical and thermal integration with the target device.

For testing performance and evaluating the functionalities of the AMS6140-01, the Evaluation Kit and additional accessories are available.


Spectral range: 1.7 to 7.0 µm

Active area: 1 mm × 1 mm

Built-in temperature controller

Pin configurable chip temperature

Low 1/f noise corner

Bandwidth: DC up to 2.6 MHz

Single low voltage power supply: 3.3 V

Differential output

Small dimensions: 30 mm × 19 mm × 10 mm

III-V material

Small board to board connector

Low weight: 5 g

Evaluation Kit and additional accessories available


Gas detectors with MEMS, LED, or laser sources

Temperature sensors

Embedded systems

Portable devices


(Tamb = 20°C, Rload = 1 MΩ to ground, unless otherwise noted)

Typical value
Chip temperature, Tchip
-20°C 20°C
Active element material
epitaxial InAsSb heterostructure
Active area, A
1 mm × 1 mm
Cut-on wavelength, λcut-on (10%)
2.20 μm  1.7 μm
Peak wavelength, λpeak
4.20 μm  4.2 μm
Cut-off wavelength, λcut-off (10%)
6.58 μm  7.0 μm
Detectivity, D* (λpeak)
1.0×109 cm⋅Hz1/2/W
4.2×108 cm⋅Hz1/2/W
Voltage responsivity Rvpeak) 220 V/W
 160 V/W
Low cut-off frequency, flo
High cut-off frequency, fhi (Rload = 50 Ω) 2.6 MHz  2.3 MHz
Output impedance, Rout 50 Ω
Output voltage swing, Vout 0.2 V (negative)

2.2 V (positive)

Power supply voltage, Vsup
3.3 V
Detector package
Acceptance angle, Φ
58 deg.

(planar silicon, anti-reflection coating)

Spectral response

(Tamb = 20°C)

Mechanical layout

(Unit: mm)


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