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Mid-infrared homodyne balanced detector for quantum light characterization

A scientific group from Florence, Italy (LENS, CNR-INO, INFN) and from ETH Zürich, Switzerland published in 2021 in Optics Express (Pub Med) and in 2022 in Advanced Photonics Research (Wiley-VCH GmbH) two articles describing quantum light characterization. Presented systems contain VIGO photonics products.

High-Power, Narrow-Linewidth Distributed-Feedback Quantum-Cascade Laser for Molecular Spectroscopy

In 2022 scientific group from the ETH Zurich, Switzerland, and the University of Basel, Switzerland published in Photonics (MDPI) an article where they describe high-power, narrow-linewidth distributed-feedback quantum-cascade laser for molecular spectroscopy.

Self-cascaded noncritically-phase-matched KTP optical parametric oscillator for generating orthogonally polarized multi-wavelength emissions at 3 μm

At the end of 2022 scientific group from Jiangsu Normal University, China published in Optics and Laser Technology (Elsevier) an article where they described among others pulse characteristics measurements of laser based on VIGO Photonics detector.

Flexible biomimetic block copolymer composite for temperature and long-wave infrared sensing

At the beginning of 2023 researchers from the California Institute of Technology, USA published in Material Science an article where they describe flexible biomimetic thermal sensor and they use VIGO detector for the experimental setup.