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HgCdTe four-stage thermoelectrically cooled photovoltaic optically immersed infrared detectorsPVI-4TE-4-1×1-TO8/TO66-wAl2O3-36

PVI-4TE-4-1×1-TO8-wAl2O3-36 and PVI-4TE-4-1×1-TO66-wAl2O3-36 are four-stage thermoelectrically cooled (4TE) photovoltaic IR detectors based on HgCdTe heterostructures for optimal performance and stability, optically immersed to enhance the parameters. Their specific wavelength (λspec) is 4.0 µm and their optical area (AO) is 1 mm × 1 mm. The cut‑on wavelength (λcut-on) can be optimized upon request. Applying a reverse bias (Vb) may significantly increase response speed and dynamic range. While this improves performance at high frequencies, be aware that the 1/f noise appearing in biased detectors may reduce performance at low frequencies. The detectors are available in TO8 and TO66 packages with a 3 deg. wedged sapphire window (wAl2O3) to prevent unwanted interference effects.


Spectral range: 2.3 – 4.4 µm

Four-stage thermoelectrically cooled

Unique immersion lens technology applied

No bias required

No 1/f noise

No minimum order quantity required


Gas detection, monitoring and analysis: CH4, C2H2, CH2O, HCl, NH3, SO2, C2H6, CO2

Breath analysis: C2H6, CH2O, NH3

Explosion prevention

Exhaust gas denitrification

Emission control (exhaust fumes, greenhouse gases)

Contactless temperature measurements (metal industry)

Detector configuration

Detector symbol
Detector type
Active element material epitaxial HgCdTe heterostructure
Cooling 4TE (Tchip ≅ 198 K)
Temperature sensor thermistor
Optical area, AO 1 mm × 1 mm
Optical immersion hyperhemisphere
Package 4TE-TO8 4TE-TO66
Acceptance angle, Φ ~36 deg.
Window wAl2O3 (3 deg. wedged sapphire)


(Tamb = 293 K, Tchip = 198 K, Vb = 0 V)

Parameter Value

Min. Typ. Max.
Cut-on wavelength, λcut-on (10%) 2.3 μm
Peak wavelength, λpeak 3.6±0.15 μm
Specific wavelength, λspec 4.0 μm
Cut-off wavelength, λcut-off (10%) 4.4 μm
Detectivity, D* (λpeak, 20 kHz) 6.0×1011 cm⋅Hz1/2/W
Detectivity, D* (λspec, 20 kHz) 3.0×1011 4.0×1011 cm⋅Hz1/2/W
Current responsivity, Ripeak) 1.8 A/W
Current responsivity, Rispec) 1.0 1.3 A/W
Time constant, τ 100 ns
Dynamic tesistance, Rd 200 800

Spectral response

(Typ., Tamb = 293 K, Tchip = 198 K)


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