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PDK Development Specialist

PDK Development Specialist

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What tasks will we entrust you with?

  • Performing R&D works in Process Design Kit development for the mid-infrared integrated photonic platform (MIRPIC)

  • Designing and evaluating mid-infrared waveguiding components (waveguides, MMIs, AWGs etc.)

  • Developing the library of components for the MIRPIC platform

  • Preparing design rule check algorithms and methods

  • Preparing PDK technical files and documentation

  • Development of the assembly design kit (ADK) for the mid-infrared photonic integration platform

  • Co-developing measurement and testing setups

  • Directly cooperating with other teams and departments within the company

  • Directly cooperating with external research teams

What qualifications do we require?

  • MSc degree in photonics or photonics-related fields

  • Detailed knowledge of light-matter interactions’ physics, light propagation in free space and waveguiding media (dielectric and semiconductor), and relevant numerical methods. Knowledge in nonlinear optics will be considered as an additional asset

  • Comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in modeling and designing photonic integrated components and circuits. Experience in utilizing commercially available software and developing in-house/self-made numerical models

  • Experience/practical skills in the development of new photonic integration platforms

  • Experience/practical skills in the development of process design kits for photonic integration platforms

  • Experience in planning experiments to validate numerical outcomes, coupled with practical abilities in data extraction from experiments

  • Active command of English

  • Strong analytical and communication skills, effective teamwork capabilities, ability to work under time pressure

  • Other valuable qualifications and skills:

    • Knowledge of mid-infrared technologies (light sources, detectors, waveguiding elements)
    • Knowledge of mid-infrared communication and sensing techniques
    • Experience in the field of heterogeneous/hybrid photonic integration technologies
    • Relevant experience in the photonics industry or R&D-oriented institutes
    • Experience in working in multilanguage and multicultural R&D teams

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