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Dataset for SO2, SO3, H2SO4 and H2O infrared absorption spectra at 300° C and 350° C temperatures

In 2023 scientific group from the Opto-Knowledge Systems, USA, Mechanical and University of California, USA, Fossil Energy Research Corporation, USA and Electric Power Research Institute, USA published in Elsevier (Data in Brief) an article where they presented  library spectra obtained for use with a laser absorption spectroscopy gas sensor based on VIGO Photonics photodetector.

Sub-ppm Methane Detection with Mid-Infrared Slot Waveguides

In November 2023 a scientific group from UiT The Arctic University of Norway and Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) published in An ACS Transformative Journal (published by American Chemical Society) an article where they described sub-ppm methane detection with mid-infrared slot waveguides using VIGO photodetector.

A Portable Laser Spectroscopic System for Measuring Nitrous Oxide Emissions on Fertilized Cropland

In July of 2023 researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute for Physical Measurement Techniques IPM and Laboratory for Gas Sensors, Germany, published in Sensors, MDPI, an article where they describe a portable laser spectroscopic system for measuring nitrous oxide emissions on fertilized cropland containing a VIGO photodetector.

Compact and Low-Power-Consumption CO Sensor Using a QCL with Intermittent Scanning Technique

At the beginning of 2023 scientific group from the Shandong Academy of Sciences (China) published an article in Photonics  where they report on a new carbon monoxide (CO) sensor using VIGO product.

A High-Precision Mid-Infrared Spectrometer for Ambient HNO3 Measurements

At the end of 2022 scientific group from the Empa–Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Switzerland) published an article in Sensors where they report on a mid-IR laser spectrometer for high-precision HNO3 measurements using VIGO product.

Dual-comb optical activity spectroscopy for the analysis of vibrational optical activity induced by external magnetic field

At the beginning of 2023 scientific group from the East China Normal University, Shanghai published in Nature Communications an article where they describe a dual-comb optical activity spectroscopy using VIGO detector.

A selective laser-based sensor for fugitive methane emissions

At the beginning of 2023 scientific group from the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia published in Scientific Reports (Nature) article where they describe a mid-infrared sensor for methane concentration measurements using VIGO detector.

WMS based dual-range real-time trace sensor for ethane detection in exhaled breath

In August 2022 scientific group from the China University of Petroleum, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Sichuan Cancer Hospital & Institute published in Optics and Lasers Engineering (Elsevier) an article where they describe a system for early screening and diagnosis of lung cancer based on VIGO product.

High-Power, Narrow-Linewidth Distributed-Feedback Quantum-Cascade Laser for Molecular Spectroscopy

In 2022 scientific group from the ETH Zurich, Switzerland, and the University of Basel, Switzerland published in Photonics (MDPI) an article where they describe high-power, narrow-linewidth distributed-feedback quantum-cascade laser for molecular spectroscopy.

Embedded systems development for spacecraft fire detection MIR optical sensor

At the beginning of 2023 scientific group from the University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida in cooperation with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Office of Commercial Space Transportation, Washington published an article where they describe a fire detection system for spacecraft using VIGO product.